CRF Learning: Becoming an Effective HRD

29 May 2018

Brooklands Hotel, Weybridge


The purpose of HR is not simply to ‘do HR’ but to ‘build the capability of the organisation to deliver its strategy and create value’. Building this capability as an effective HR Director requires a blend of technical HR, business and interpersonal skills. This programme will expand on this business centric approach to HR, enhancing your understanding of how HR delivers value. The programme will improve your capability in planning, implementing and evaluating HR initiatives and supporting you in managing key organisational relationships. You will be provided with the tools to drive very different conversations with your business peers that go beyond ‘what do you want HR to do? ’to interpret ‘how HR can best deliver value to you’.


This programme will focus on the high-level behaviours and skills that CRF’s research has identified successful HR Directors have and display. Building on your technical competence, the programme will increase the impact you have on organisational performance. The programme provides practical tools covering key concepts including:

• a deep understanding of value creation: how HR can create sustainable value, balancing the short-term needs of shareholders with the long-term needs of a broader set of stakeholders
• how to apply your understanding of HR theory and practice against these commercial and strategic imperatives to create credibility within the business
• when, where and how to use evidence in decision making against relying on ‘gut instinct’ alone
• understanding the importance of delivering HR’s foundations eefficiently, flexibly and simply
• ensuring managers and leaders take their responsibility seriously
• bringing fresh new thinking and ideas from the outside world into your organisation
• measuring what we do against business outcomes, not against HR activity
• how to be ‘politically savvy’ and deliver initiatives in complex and ambiguous organisations
• creating integrity and balance in all aspects of the role.

Following your successful completion of the programme, your capability in planning, implementing and evaluating HR initiatives will increase as will your strategic and commercial thinking and your personal impact as part of the leadership team.