Changing Organisations – Making It Happen

21 February 2008

Ashridge, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 1NS

Whilst many businesses implement organisational change programmes, selecting the appropriate model and managing its implementation to a successful conclusion can be challenging.
Bill Pasmore, a leading international authority on managing change, led a two-day residential workshop held at Ashridge Business School. He worked in tandem with June Boyle, BT's Group OD director, to guide participants through the practical process of creating successful change within an organisation.
The workshop also involved assessing change models, discussing alternative strategies and identifying techniques for managing challenges and threats.

This two-day, interactive residential workshop was designed to take participants deep into understanding what makes organisational change successful.
Actual events at BT guided a look at familiar change models to see what really happens, helped us to consider alternative strategies, and learn how to respond to challenges and threats that can block successful change.
Workshop features included:
examining the role of the internal change agent in managing the change process, internal politics and relationships that are part of any significant organisational change effort. participants worked on their own change challenges during the discussion to apply workshop lessons while sharing their own experiences and solutions.Presenters, Bill Pasmore and June Boyle of BT, went beyond theoretical models and advice to examine in depth the practicalities of creating significant change in organisations.
This event was hosted by Ashridge Business School and included a dinner discussion on the evening of the 21st. CRF gratefully acknowledges Ashridge's sponsorship of the dinner.
Pre-Reading Materials:
As part of the Masterclass we asked participants to bring along a current change issue or project they were working on. There was time throughout the 2 days to work on the personal issue, reflecting on learnings from the different sessions - we called these 'Your Change Challenge' sessions - see attached agenda.

In thinking about the best type of current change challenge to bring, the pre-reading for the event, as attached in the Documents section below, on the congruence model provided some help. We looked at a variety of change models as part of the Masterclass pulling out what the common 'must have' elements are and spent a bit of time specifically on the Congruence model. Equally the pre-event questions - attached in the Documents section below - that we sent to participants were useful in triggering ideas  around the right change scenario to consider.  
Workshop Leaders:
Bill Pasmore is a partner at the Oliver Wyman consultancy - formerly Mercer Delta - and former professor of organisational behaviour at the School of Management, Case Western University.
He previously taught at Stanford, INSEAD and Leuven University in Belgium. His specialisms include organisational development and design, organisational learning, participation in organisational change, and global social change.
His books include Creating Strategic Change - Designing the Flexible High-Performing Organisation, and Designing Effective Organisations - the Socio-Technical Systems Perspective.
June Boyle joined BT as Group Organisational Development Director in 2003.
She was previously Head of OD at Royal Bank of Scotland, where she led their five centres of excellence - change practice, management development, talent management, executive development and training and online learning.
Prior to that, she held senior positions in BP, in both OD and business HR Director roles.