Coaching in a Thinking Environment

3 May 2018

09:00 - 16:00

Plaisterers’ Hall

Who is it for?
Professionals who have a deep understanding and interest in coaching and who would like to explore an approach which encourages independent thinking.

The quality of everything humans do depends upon the quality of the independent thinking we do first. It is a leader’s first job to generate the finest independent thinking throughout their organisation. So how can leaders encourage and enable people to think for themselves with rigour, imagination and courage?

This masterclass is led by Nancy Kline, originator of the Thinking Environment® and author of the best-selling books Time To Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind and More Time to Think: the Power of Independent Thinking. You will practice the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment and reflect on these in your own context, considering how far your leadership and your organisation align with a Thinking Environment.

You will consider whether you:

• allow people uninterrupted space and time to think and provide them with the high-quality attention that creates new thinking
• ask people Incisive Questions that remove key blocks to good thinking.

Nancy will set the theoretical framework and provide thinking environment coaching demonstrations to allow you to think about your own issues.

The day will allow you to return to your life and your work renewed and inspired.

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