CRF Learning: Strategic Workforce Analytics for HR

19 - 20 March 2019

Fanhams Hall, Hertfordshire

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Analytics is becoming an increasingly important topic area within the HR community with significant claims for improvement in selection, performance management, talent management, employee engagement and workforce planning, amongst others.

Based on Dave Millner’s deep experience and CRF’s ongoing research into workforce analytics, this programme aims to take a commercial, HR centric view of analytics, assisting HR practitioners in leveraging people analytics to deliver tangible business impact.

Driven by technology firms trying to sell the latest technology, analytics has too often failed to address specific organisational challenges and has resulted in unfocused HR solutions not grounded in the business strategy. The programme will give participants the confidence to work with data, not just to drive better reporting, but to provide more persuasive analysis that ensures HR is making a real impact on business performance rather than simply delivering HR ‘stuff’.

• Demystify the subject of strategic workforce analytics and gain an understanding of key principles and good practice.
• Develop the confidence to use workforce analytics to address key commercial and strategic challenges.
• Practical guidance on using people analytics, informed by case studies, key models and diagnostic tools.
• Understand how to work with data scientists and analysts to ensure utilisation of their expertise to drive relevant HR actions.
• Increase understanding of how to use analytics in your organisation, institutionalising it not as a separate activity but as part of how we do HR.