CRF’s Organisation Development Manifesto – A Road Map for Progress

5 November 2019

09:00 - 16:30

Glaziers Hall

Who is it for?
Organisation Development (OD) professionals, those with a remit for organisational change or improvement, and senior managers looking at how they might more effectively harness their organisation’s people resource.

Whilst OD has existed as a specialist discipline for many years, and has contributed enormously to our understanding of people in organisations, its track record in delivering organisational improvement is mixed. On the one hand there’s a huge opportunity for OD to play a key role in creating organisations high in innovation, productivity, energy and consistent performance. On the other hand, OD’s remit is often unclear, its impact hard to measure, and it can be seen as ‘touchy-feely’, disconnected from the business or lacking influence. The rapid changes brought about by digital transformation have enhanced OD’s challenges.

Organisations are going through more change than ever, yet it is estimated that two-thirds of these change initiatives fail, often due to human factors. The challenge for OD is not just to help individuals improve, but to create the conditions for people, and the organisation, to flourish. Unless OD is more effective in creating this context, the risk is that organisations will be even less capable of adapting to rapid market and technological changes.

In our manifesto, we will look at some of the basic skills and toolkits necessary for an effective OD practitioner. We will argue that unless OD activities are inextricably linked to the strategic direction of the business, they are doomed to fail. During the course of the day, we will explore how OD practitioners can effectively deploy the available tools to help their organisation achieve strategic goals. The day will feature inputs from top-flight OD experts, together with ample opportunity for questions, discussion, and sharing experiences. Given that we are designing an OD event, it’s important for us to reflect this in the design of the day’s activities. We will therefore be a bit more creative than simply sitting and listening!

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