Designing Adaptable Organisations for Tomorrow’s Challenges

20 March 2018

09:00 - 16:00

Church House

Who is it for?
HR Directors and senior OD and HR professionals involved in organisation design.

The rise of the digital economy has resulted in a fundamental shift in business models across industries, leading to many organisations having to reinvent themselves. For many industries, delivering solutions enabled by digital technology is not just a strategic option, but a requirement of survival. This research report will explore how we need to design our organisations to remain competitive in the face of fast-changing business models and disruptive emerging competitors.

A major strategic shift is from products to solutions, a realignment requiring us to answer a new set of organisation design questions, including:

• What does an integrated solutions strategy mean for the alignment of business units and structure of core functions?
• How do we create an ambidextrous organisation that rewards the development of new capabilities while still optimising the core business?
• How do we establish accountabilities and measure performance in a context that requires collaboration across functional boundaries, and which networks, forums, functions and governance processes do we need to build in order to achieve integration across the organization?
• How do we design jobs and create high performing, collaborative and integrated teams to enable us to attract and retain the digital talent we need?

Using case studies to illustrate the decisions that organisations have taken in response to these challenges, Amy and Greg will take us through an interactive session which explores the latest thinking in organisation design.

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