Developing Today’s Managers for Tomorrow

26 April 2007

Trinity House, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, London, EC3N4DH

In this Masterclass, we considered the benefits and pitfalls of developing future leaders for your organisation and the ways in which this can drive competitive advantage. Dr Henry Mintzberg challenged existing approaches and helped participants develop suitable frameworks for their organisation.

How do you best develop the people who will one day lead your organisation? And how do you use executive development as a lever of competitive advantage by ensuring that you have the best leadership for the future? This Masterclass addressed these questions and examined evidence about leadership interventions and how successful, or otherwise, they are considered to be. Dr Henry Mintzberg challenged existing approaches to grooming executives for the top, using one of his recent publications - Managers not MBAs - as a starting point.
Through groupwork, participants were able to review their existing approaches and consider new frameworks.