Digital Culture: How Technology is Changing the Way we Communicate, Work and Behave

13 June 2019

17:30 – 19:00 (followed by drinks)

Sea Containers

Who is it for?
Those interested in the impact of technology and social media on work, society and relationships and their implications for organisations and relationships at work.

Technology has transformed the way that humans interact. The pace of technological change continues to accelerate, with new platforms, tools and networks emerging all the time. Human behaviour is changing too – but at a slower pace. There is an increasing gap between the technology we have developed and the systems, norms and rules our society needs to make sense of the behavioural change that accompanies technological advancement. Rahaf Harfoush will share her insights as a digital anthropologist, exploring the implications for us as humans and for the organisations we work in.

The arrival of the digital age has changed how we engage with technology and how we connect with and relate to each other. This is resulting in new behaviours, belief systems and structures that are redesigning the way we live. However, the frameworks of norms, rules and ethical and moral standards that determine how we behave are not keeping pace. Rahaf will help us make sense of the implications for
leaders and policy makers in organisations, considering:

• How can we avoid getting distracted by the latest technological developments and instead focus on making sense of deeper behavioural and social trends to shape our organisational and people strategies?
• How does organisation culture need to evolve in the digital age and what role can HR play in helping organisations adapt?
• How are forward-thinking organisations using technology and data to effect these changes and what ethical and moral considerations do we need to take into account?

The lecture will be followed by drinks and canapés sponsored by Lane4 Management Group, and the opportunity for informal networking.