Diversity & Business Performance

9 February 2011

Trinity House, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, London EC3N 4DH

Advocates of diversity argue that a more inclusive, open environment, where many different styles can flourish, stimulates greater innovation and ultimately greater performance. Sceptics feel this may be simplistic. Our research and workshop will explore the evidence that diversity adds value to organisations and their performance.

Who is it for?

HR and OD professionals interested in the impact of diversity on organisational performance.


CRF's report will investigate thinking and practice in these areas:

• What does ‘diversity' mean and why is it important?
• In what ways can diversity add value to an organisation?
• When and where does diversity lead to greater performance?
• What does a diverse culture look like, and what skills and mindsets do managers need to manage in an inclusive way?
• What part should HR play in enabling organisations to create an environment that encourages diversity?

The workshop will facilitate a challenging debate on this multi-faceted topic, and provide:

• some tools and models to measure an organisation's success in managing diversity
• case studies of programmes organisations have created to introduce a more diverse culture.Event Sponsor