Embedding Creativity

29 November 2007

Dali Universe, County Hall Gallery, County Hall, Riverside Building, London, SE1 7PB

Understanding and implementing ‘creative' and ‘innovative' practices is essential to maintaining competitiveness in a globalised economy but presents challenges, particularily for large organistions, the public sector and regulated industries. This meeting presented a universal guide for senior management, developed by a CRF working group, identifying the people related levers and processes that enable an innovative and creative organisation.

Many organisations acknowledge that innovation is essential in a globalised economy, as it becomes increasingly difficult to compete on price alone. Understanding and implementing ‘creative' and ‘innovative' practices presents challenges, particularly for large organisations. Boardrooms are ever more conscious of this issue. Some organisations have always claimed to be innovative, and espouse creativity as a value for their people to aspire to. In practice, it seems easier to talk about this than produce results. The report and meeting clarified what ‘creativity' and ‘innovation' mean and the implications for HR in terms of recruitment and selection, goal-setting, performance standards, learning, reward and recognition.
Significantly, the context in which creativity occurs is a critical variable, as the report found. It provides an authoritative guide for management decisions, actions and behaviour to tackle work obstacles, regulatory constraints and cultural blocks.