Harnessing the HR Technology Revolution (Amsterdam)

6 - 7 March 2019

Day 1: 18:30 - 21:00 (pre-masterclass dinner) / Day 2: 9:00 - 16:00

Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Who is it for?
Those who are, or will be, managing or working in an environment of changing technology. This session is for conceptualisers, implementers and those impacted.

Digital transformation impacts all aspects of the economy and businesses of all sizes, with computing advances providing the same digital opportunities to small companies as well as large corporations. Individuals expect the same level of service from their organisations and HR functions as they get from their smartphones. How can we address these expectations and develop strategies to move us from the era of computerised personnel systems to an interactive, user-friendly and agile service for employees and the business? What are our technology choices and how do we make them in a rapidly changing digital environment? What opportunities do they offer and what are the implementation challenges?

We will review the current HR technology landscape and the dramatic changes of the last few years as a starting point for developing a strategic approach to digitalisation and its impact on HR. With the help of a CRF report we will:
• look at the big concerns and the big opportunities
• consider strategic insights and barriers to progress
• assess the skillsets required of future HR leaders
• specifically address the areas of:
- performance management technology
- learning technology
- technology for talent acquisition, talent management and retention.

The report, co-authored by David Creelman and Geoff Matthews, examines the many challenges organisations face while confronting the reality that HR technology on its own never solves anything. HR leaders will leave with a much better perspective of the impact of technology/digitalisation and the big changes and challenges they bring.

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