How to Conduct Organisation Reviews

2 March 2011

Trinity House, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, London EC3N 4DH

How fit are an organisation's functions and operating divisions to deliver against strategic objectives, in terms of their capabilities and structure? This should be a central concern for HR leaders whose departments have moved beyond the basic provision of services towards making a tangible contribution to business performance. We will examine HR's role in structuring and delivering organisation reviews, and the capabilities required to do this effectively.

Who is it For?

HR and OD directors, heads of corporate strategy and heads of HR strategy.


The concept of the organisation review is not new. Some organisations once conducted them
as part of the regular cycle of strategy formulation - examples include ICL's ORM and Unilever's
‘Green-Fielding'. Yet for many organisations, this is still new territory.

• This workshop will investigate the options and issues to be considered in such reviews - who should be responsible for what, how to facilitate healthy information flow between HR and the business, the pros and cons of involving external experts, and the HR skills required.

• Paul Chesworth, Vodafone's European HR Director will describe the model he has developed to compare and contrast Vodafone's businesses across Europe, and how this drives HR's agenda in supporting corporate performance. This process is being rolled out across the Group, helping the HR community to focus on business metrics and results.

• Caryn Kaftal will provide an OD expert's perspective - drawing on experience with GE, Delta Consulting, GSK and now with PIVOT leadership.

Workshop participants will be able to consider what might work well for their organisations, taking the day's learning points and incorporating their own experiences.