CRF Learning: HRBP – Business Catalyst

25 - 26 October 2018

Fanhams Hall, Hertfordshire


The programme goes beyond developing skills to shifting mindsets. The mindset we will seek to develop is focused on delivering business impact, not doing HR ‘stuff’, but building organisational capability and creating sustainable value. The programme is focused on moving from a HR focus to a business focus.
Through a blended-learning environment, with an emphasis on practical implementation, the programme will increase your impact within your organisation by:

• developing deeper commercial and strategic thinking
• faster and more effective delivery
• enhanced influencing skills.


This programme will examine the attitudes that differentiate great HRBPs and, by working through CRF’s Strategic HR framework, will enhance your capabilities in a range of areas to increase your effectiveness. Specifically you will:

• gain greater understanding of how your organisation operates, delivers value and drives success, thereby enabling you to be a more effective business partner
• enhance credibility with your customers through greater commercial acumen, business understanding and influencing skills
• grow in confidence to challenge existing thinking through a robust model for effective HR
• evaluate where you can add greater value to the organisation
• build your overall capability ensuring you optimise your business impact.
Attendees will receive digital copies of all programme materials, relevant CRF research and a workbook to work through concepts, models and plan a programme for ongoing development.


Prior to the programme:

• you will carry out a high-level organisational analysis using CRF’s strategic HR framework, which will be worked on during the programme
• you will agree a learning contract with your HR line manager and business leader to link individual learning to organisational impact. This will be reviewed after the programme to evaluate sustained changes in behaviour and impact.

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