HR’s Contribution to Creativity and Innovation

20 November 2013

Trinity House, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, London EC3N 4DH  

Who is it for?

This session is aimed at practitioners who wish to explore the role HR can play in helping creativity and innovation blossom in organisations.


Building on CRF’s 2012 Athens conference, this research report and workshop will explore how HR can support the development of creativity and innovation in organisations. The focus will be on practical application through considering both what HR should, and should not, do and by developing an audit toolkit.


What is creativity and innovation?

Definitions and relevant models will be reviewed, and consideration will be given to how this can be measured or assessed at individual, team, organisation and industry level.

What differentiates organisations that are successful innovators from the also-rans?

The common features of innovative organisations will be explored, with a view to developing a toolkit that can be used to assess organisational performance.

What can HR do to foster creativity and innovation?

Actions that HR can take to help – and hinder – the development of creativity and innovation and creative teams will be covered, as well as the skills required of HR.

The event will provide a blend of practitioner insights, case studies, and learning through discussion and debate.