International Conference in Rome: Leadership and Change – Past, Present and Future

5 - 6 October 2011

Radisson BLU Hotel, Via Filippo Turati 171, IT-00185 Rome, Italy

The Roman Empire ruled much of the known world for over 600 years. In modern terms, this was achieved by creating a compelling, strong and often ruthless leadership, effective organisation design and a structural system of training and ‘career' management.

Who is it for?

Senior executives interested in applying both current thinking in leadership and management and lessons from the past to their organisations.


This conference will explore the challenges of modern leadership, organisation effectiveness and communication and will incorporate case studies of how the Roman Empire successfully tackled these issues. The conference will also provide access to top level international research and practitioner case studies demonstrating how organisations are tackling these issues - and will create an outstanding networking event.

Opening our conference with a retrospecitve, Stephen Bungay, strategy consultant and historian, will present us with the 'Roman Case Study', following which INSEAD professor, Jean-François Manzoni, will bring us up to date with his views on present day challenges in leadership. Our trilogy will be completed by Carsten Sørensen of The London School of Economics and Political Science who will conclude the conference with his views on some of the organisational, managerial and personal issues which will characterise the workplace of the future.