International Conference – Strategy in a Changing World

2 - 3 October 2013

Meliã Castilla Hotel, Capitán Haya 43 – 28020, Madrid, Spain

Who is it for?

Business leaders and senior HR executives who are looking to increase their contribution to the strategy and performance of their organisations from a broader business, not just an HR functional perspective. Our international conference offered the opportunity to consider the big picture and debate the significant high level factors which will shape the overall environment in which we operate.


As business leaders and HR specialists we are expert in systems and processes, tools and techniques and leading edge thinking which helps us with the efficiency of our organisations.

But what do we really know of international politics, the key macro-economic trends which will shape the overall environment in which we operate and the technology changes likely to emerge? If we seriously aspire to be a high-performing organisation we must have knowledge and understanding of what is going to be important in the future and how this will help us develop the people strategies likely to deliver business success.

Our Madrid conference provided two outstanding days when we can stand back and review the way our business world may look in five or ten years’ time, through these three principal lenses; the global political landscape; the economic context; and the impact of technology.


The conference was organised around three key themes:

• The global political landscape: how power is likely to shift over the next decade, where the pressure points will be, and the threats and opportunities arising from these developments.
• The economic context: the new global economic superpowers, the future of globalisation, and the likely long-term effects of the economic and financial crises of recent years.
• The impact of technology: highlight key technologies which will transform our lives, and the social and organisational implications of emergent technologies.

Having heard the views of experts in each of these fields, attendees were able to test their hypotheses and debate in depth the implications for our organisations, both in terms of business and people strategies. 

Madrid sees another venue with a rich past and uncertain future but, as in the past, our 2013 conference was topical and challenging, providing a convivial but intellectually stimulating environment.