Learning – The Foundation for Agility and Sustainable Performance (Berlin)

6 July 2017

Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Building sustainable performance means organisations have to be able to adapt at speed to changes in their environment. Therefore organisations' capacity to learn and reinvent themselves is a critical success factor, and also has profound implications for the learning function. CRF's masterclass and associated research will explore the latest thinking in the learning field, and ask how learning functions need to evolve in a fast changing business context.

Timings: 09.00-16.00

Who is it for?
Those involved in designing, commissioning and delivering organisational learning and looking to ensure its link with sustainable business performance.

As the rate of change accelerates and organisations, as well as individual jobs, increase in complexity, corporate and personal learning continue to be critical to adaptive, improving businesses. Delivery methods may change, as does personal motivation to learn, but successful organisations embed a learning culture which becomes a natural part of their way of doing things. We will be taking stock of where we are with organisational learning, assessing the benefits which can accrue and developing strategies for even better returns.

• is there such a thing as a learning organisation, who has ever seen one and how would you describe it?
• why learning is important in today’s context and where should we invest?
• the 70:20:10 concept of experience, listening and formal learning
• what are the adult learning processes, how do grown-ups learn, are methods changing?
• how do we create the conditions in organisations for people to want to learn and avoid the barriers which prevent learning?
• how is learning impacted by job design, organisation design and context?
• who is important in learning – individuals, the boss, the learning function, HR or external agencies?
• what is the usefulness of tools, PDPs, learning logs and similar – can we evaluate learning?
• is there anything in neuroscience that we should be thinking about or be aware of?

Our objective will be to raise the importance of a considered and systematic approach to learning in the minds of our audience.

The masterclass will also examine the research findings from CRF's research report due to be published in June 2017.

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