Learning Strategies For Improved Performance

16 July 2008

Trinity House, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, London, EC3N4DH

Learning is increasingly seen as a critical element in driving improved performance across an organisation. Building on CRF's 2005 report on learning and development strategies, this workshop and related research report examined all aspects of developing and implementing a successful learning strategy, including how to create the right context and support systems, understanding trends in learning techniques and reviewing methods for evaluating the learning strategy's success.

A Business Focused Approach to Learning
Building on CRF's 2005 report on learning and development strategies, this meeting focused on ‘learning' as a critical element of business strategy, organisational reputation, and performance culture. This new research report and workshop examined:
the scope of learning strategy, in the context of business strategythe approaches behind successful implementation - creating the right context and support systems, for example trends in techniques - such as experiential learning, self-managed learning, links to coaching and corporate universitieschoices and tensions, including personal and organisational learning, outsourcing versus insourcing and ethical issueslinks to knowledge management and to organisational value creationevaluation of learning - moving beyond Kirkpatrick and IiP to include business metricsthe changing role of learning and development functions.Workshop Leader:
Ian Cunningham, formerly CEO of Roffey Park, 1987-1993, is a visiting professor at Middlesex University and fellow in universities in the UK, USA and Finland; and was Founding Director of the Centre for the Study of Change.
He has published over 100 books, articles and papers on organisational change, learning, strategic management, leadership, management development, self-management and cross-cultural management.
He is currently editor of the journal Development and Learning in Organisations, and chairs Strategic Developments International Ltd and the not-for-profit Centre for Self-Managed Learning.
CRF gratefully acknowledges:
Sponsorship of this Event by The Learning CurveSponsorship of the research report by Sheppard Moscow.