Mobile Learning

24 January 2012

The New BBE Training Centre

This will be the first CRF L&D Interest Group Meeting of 2012.

This session is a follow-up to our meeting last September when we explored the new learning channels, such as social networking, that have been made possible by the digital revolution.

The meeting will run from 4.30-7.00 and take place at the central London training centre of Carphone Warehouse.

The session will commence with an introduction by Kris Swanson, who is Chief Commercial Officer at Intuition Technology. Intuition is a consultancy specialising in technology that supports knowledge creation and delivery. (I've provided a link to Intuition's website at the bottom of this note) I've asked Chris to share Intuition's insight and experience around the following headings:

The technological and organisational contexts for mobile learning

The learning opportunities and content options
Incorporating mobile learning into learning design: blend, augment and stand alone
Observations on maximising the contribution of mobile learning
Tracking and measurement
Build or buy
Getting started

After Kris has set the scene, we will invite you to ask your questions and share your own experience and plans around the topic themes. So, please come prepared to participate in the debate.

We'll conclude the evening by telling you how you can continue your dialogue with fellow Interest Group members via the CRF's LinkedIn site.