Operating Globally – Meeting the Challenge

31 May 2007

The Visionarium, 7 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4BD

In the face of an increasingly globalised economy, many CRF members wish to understand how to evolve successfully from a local to a genuinely global organisation. This CRF report and meeting provided an integrated response to this question, incorporating contributions from a number of organisations on what has worked for them.

In the past year, many CRF members have indicated that they wish to better understand how to operate at a global level. Globalisation, market integration and the acceleration of off-shoring are but three factors forcing organisations to think and behave more internationally and multi-culturally than ever before. There is, as yet, little literature or guidance on what is required in making the transition from a local to a genuinely global organisation, particularly in terms of people issues and processes. Yet, anecdotally, we are all well aware that this transition can be a major struggle.
This CRF report and meeting provided an integrated view of what makes a successful global organisation, incorporating a number of in-depth case studies. The implications of operating globally were discussed - strategy and structure, culture, resourcing, talent, performance, development, rewards and benefits, communications, teamwork, innovation and for the HR function itself.