What is Organisational Culture and Why Should We Care?

23 - 24 April 2018

Day One: 16.00 – 18.30 / Day Two: 08.30 – 15.00

IMD Lausanne

Who is it for?
Organisational Culture is not the exclusive preserve of any one group within an organisation but develops from a variety of sources and evolves into something which often comes to define the organisation. This event is for anyone interested in understanding what culture is and is not, where it has come from, where it might be going and how it can help deliver better business performance.

Why do some organisations seem to be identified by their culture, their way of doing things, of treating their employees and interacting in the market place whilst other successful organisations keep a low profile and rarely figure in organisational culture debates? Who are these organisations and who gets it right? Should culture be actively managed or passively responded to and how do social norms affect culture; can culture be measured? These are some of the topics we will discuss supported by a research report and case studies which will draw out the cultural issue facing organisations in the future.

The relationship between an organisation and its people has changed. Our discussions will address aspects of culture including:

• Is designing a culture specific to a particular organisation less or more useful than ever?
• Technology and its impact on culture.
• Populism and its consequences for the organisation/employee relationship in the future.
• Increasing globalisation and internationalisation of businesses and multi-cultural workforces.
• Demographics, sex and gender issues and their impact on culture.
• Social networking and the immediacy of information.
• The benefits of getting culture right; the downside of getting it wrong.

You will be able to form your own action plan based on the topics discussed and the relative position your organisation takes on the desirability to develop and embed its own culture.

The first day of the workshop will be followed by dinner at Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel, Chemin de Beau-Rivage 21,1006 Lausanne, Switzerland.

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