Performance-Centred Leadership

3 May 2018

09:00 - 16:00

Plaisterers’ Hall

Who is it for?
Professionals who have a deep understanding and interest in coaching and who would like to explore an approach which encourages independent thinking.

The quality of everything humans do depends upon the quality of the independent thinking we do first. It is a leader’s first job to generate the finest independent thinking throughout their organisation. So how can leaders encourage and enable people to think for themselves with rigour, imagination and courage?

The question being asked by CEO’s the world over is – ‘How do we unlock the skills, ideas and passions in the people that we already have?’

And it is their HR Business Leaders who can provide the answer. After all, you know that people are the root cause of everything.

Based on real, named, case studies and with no hype, jargon or mystery, David Taylor will share the 12 most proven, powerful and practical how-to’s that will unleash the talents within your people that you can apply straight away, including:

Success doesn’t just happen – it always has structure – and this is it. This will also have an immediate benefit on your personal lives.
The real reason that people do what they do, and the only way to get them to change, fast and forever.
How to financially measure behaviour – the holy grail of business. Know how to put a financial value on people’s discretionary choices, decisions and actions.
How to remove the fear of failure in everyone.

About David Taylor
David is the Founder of Naked Leader, author of the fastest selling business book in the world: The Naked Leader and has just published his fifth book: How to be Successful by Being Yourself.

He has featured in 3 TV Series, keynoted in 40 countries with over 400,000 people having attended a David Taylor event, at venues ranging from the Acropolis in Athens to the Comedy Store in London.

David is the Business Ambassador for The Princes Trust, the visiting Professor of Leadership at Ulster University Business School and an advisor on Mindfulness in China.

David works with top leaders around the world, including the CEOs from Ford, Veolia and the NHS Blood and Transplant.

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