Responsible Business: How Can HR Drive the Agenda?

10 September 2019

09:00 – 16:00

Church House

Who is it for?
Those interested in exploring the role of the organisation in wider society, how the Responsible Business and HR agendas are connected, and the practical implications for HR.

Responsible Business – and related topics such as sustainability and ethics – has become a significant area of interest for organisations. Organisations’ approaches to developing business responsibly have become more structured and sophisticated, and
it is increasingly seen as an important element of corporate strategy. This masterclass, and the accompanying research report, will explore the impact of the Responsible Business agenda on today’s organisations, and the role of HR in defining and implementing Responsible Business strategies.

Organisations have to take into consideration the needs of a broad audience of stakeholders, including employees, customers and consumers, governments, charities and the wider community and physical environment. The capitalist model is being called into question globally, and there is demand for businesses to play a positive role in a broken society, and to invest in the communities where they operate. Questions to be addressed in this session include:
• What’s the impact – positive and negative – of Responsible Business on the organisation, its business model and its employees?
• What’s the evidence that Responsible Business has a material benefit for the organisation and its people, for example in terms of better business performance or higher employee engagement?
• How can businesses become responsible corporate citizens? What is a ‘high integrity’ business, and is there a necessary trade-off with ‘high-performance’? How do we build and lead high-performance, high-integrity organisations?
• What is HR’s role and responsibility in the Responsible Business agenda? To what extent should HR take account of stakeholders beyond direct employees?

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