Spring Symposium – the HR Leader’s Toolkit

15 May 2014

Clothworkers' Hall, Mincing Lane, Dunster Court, London EC3R 7AH

Following our successful symposium last year, once again, we will be running an event aimed at helping tomorrow’s HR leaders build a network of fellow aspiring professionals.

Who is it for?

Ambitious HR professionals and leaders with people management responsibility, who are looking to gain exposure to leading-edge management thinking and build their networks with like-minded professionals.


Following our successful symposia of the last two years, we shall once again be running an event aimed at:

• Helping tomorrow’s HR leaders build a network of fellow aspiring professionals.
• Giving delegates access to leading-edge thinkers in change management, management development, performance management and career development.
• Through team-based analysis, providing an opportunity for considering issues of organisation and management development in practice.
• Giving participants the chance to hear and meet Amy Edmondson, from Harvard Business School who will offer some views on the importance of creating effective teams and having a ‘teaming’ mind-set.


HR leaders are characterised by their professional competence, underpinned by appropriate qualifications, well-honed interpersonal skills and a presence or bearing which sets them apart. To be outstanding leaders however, there are a number of other elements to be mastered in what we describe as the HR Leaders Toolkit.

In conjunction with our Symposium partners we shall be exploring a range of tools – when and how to use them and the benefits which may accrue. Working in short, interactive sessions we shall be inviting delegates to share experiences and problems with both our faculty of experts and fellow attendees – more than 100 from a diverse range of organisations but all intent on better preparing themselves for the career challenges which lie ahead.

If you are not a member but are interested in attending this event please contact Lynn Little on 020 7470 7104 or at lynn@crforum.co.uk.