Strategic people planning in an age of uncertainty

25 November 2009

Trinity House, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, London EC3N 4DH

The workshop built on earlier HR research in talent management and succession and tackled the relationship between business planning and people planning.

Who is it for?
This meeting was for HR Directors and senior HR professionals with strategic workforce and resource planning responsibilities.
The workshop built on earlier HR research in talent management and succession and tackled the relationship between business planning and people planning.
Content & Outcomes
It used to be called 'manpower planning' and - as Personnel departments got changed to HR - the terminology changed to 'resource planning'. At its heart, this concerns the old HR dictum of 'right people in the right numbers in the right job in the right place'.
Every organisation needs this job to be done well. However, in a world of accelerating change and globalisation, the task is arguably harder than ever before. Stimulated by member feedback that this is a topic of considerable interest, CRF took an in-depth look at the challenges involved and the kind of solutions that should remain robust in future.
Demographics - where are the kind of people we need, now and in the longer-term? What are our issues regarding age, experience and skills?Flexibility - how adaptable is our organisation, mentally as well as physically. How do job design, project work and training contribute to our flexibility?Outsourced or insourced - what is 'core' and what can be done using staff from partner organisations? How does our structure affect workforce planning?Technology - what will be the impact on the way we do work, and thus the numbers and kind of people we need, over 3, 5 and 10 year time-frames?What business model changes are possible, and what are the resourcing implications?This report and workshop brought together expert views and case study examples, designed to identify good practice for now and the future.
Leader Profiles
Andrew Lambert - CRF
Andrew Lambert is a co-founder of the Corporate Research Forum, and has been a consultant on the management of change, mergers and acquisitions for some 25 years. He was a director of Smythe Dorward Lambert, People in Business and Wolff Olins, has headed communication functions at Midland Montagu and TSB Bank, and is visiting professor at the University of Switzerland, Lugano. His many reports for CRF have covered topics such as the future of HR, performance management, the evaluation and measurement of HR, the management of coaching and mentoring, the use of employee surveys, the management of global organisations, and the role of HR in M&As.
Andrew Lambert led this workshop with input from:
Peter Howes - Infohrm
Peter is an innovator in workforce planning, measurement and reporting. Founder and CEO of Infohrm with over 30 years experience, Peter has earned a distinguished global reputation as a consultant in workforce planning and workforce analytics.
After establishing Infohrm in 1982, Peter has conducted more than 40 major consulting assignments in workforce planning and more than 400 workforce planning, measurement and analytics workshops. Over the past five years, Peter has mainly worked in North America and more recently in Europe. His clients include Alcoa American Family Insurance, BAA, BHP Billiton, Cadbury Schweppes, Commonwealth Bank, Goldman Sachs, The Hartford, ING, Linde Group, Morley, Nokia, Safeco and Westpac.