Talent, Careers & Organisations – Where Next?

8 June 2011

Trinity House, Trinity Square,Tower Hill, London, EC3N 4DH

While the nature of a career has altered fundamentally in the last 20 years, individuals still talk about and plan their careers, and organisations continue to invite people to build a career with them. ‘Careers' interrelates with business priorities such as workforce engagement, the attraction and retention of talent, and the continuous development of employee skills and experience. We will examine what has changed in the 12 years since CRF's last in-depth study in this area.

Who is it For?
Senior HR and OD professionals responsible for talent, succession and resource planning, L&D, employer brand and career management.


Our research report will examine how proficiency in this aspect of HR strategy and practice contributes to better resourcing, higher levels of productivity, engagement, and an enhanced employer brand. These are some of the issues to be considered.

• How is the concept of a career meaningful to individuals, now and looking forward?
• How should a ‘career offer' fit within an organisation's people strategy - given varying business circumstances and individual needs?
• How effective are employers at aligning their offer with individuals' expectations?
• What examples are there of good practice in providing career support in an increasingly unpredictable labour market - including on-line planning tools, expectations of line managers/HR, and the use of internal/external coaching and mentors?
• What represents good value-for-money in terms of provision for inside and outside talent pools?

We aim to identify what 'excellence' looks like and what is essential for employers to achieve reputational respectability and healthy workforce relationships, from the front-line to the boardroom.