Talent on the Move: Time for a Rethink?

2 May 2019

9:00 - 16:00

IESE Business School

Who is it for?
Business and HR leaders making strategic and operational decisions about global talent.

Expatriation has long been used by organisations to grow global talent, with numbers of international assignees continuing to increase. However, with the quickening pace of change, political, economic and security uncertainties and, most importantly, the digital transformation of organisations, many of the strategic drivers of global mobility are being questioned. What options are available to organisations looking to build a global talent base? Do organisations still need staff to work overseas or will the availability of local staff, the cost of expats and communication technology render significant mobility obsolete?

Informed by a CRF research report, we will explore how to design a global talent strategy that effectively supports the business strategy. We will review the key issues and challenges in this area for organisations and their globally mobile staff. Critically assessing current practices and looking to widen the range of thinking on developing global talent management strategies we will consider:
• The justification for global mobility – who needs to be mobile and why? Are we clear about the business and developmental objectives and what other options might be?
• How far are traditional approaches to global mobility still valid and what more can be done to develop international talent for tomorrow’s global businesses?
• Can technology offer alternatives to international relocation or streamline the process if a local presence is essential?
• What are the costs associated with global mobility and how do we measure the success of expat programmes?

Pre-event dinner
A pre-event dinner at Hotel München Palace Trogerstraße 21, 81675 München, Germany will be taking place on Wednesday 1st May 2019. Pre-dinner drinks will start at 18:30 in the Palace Wintergarten followed by a three-course meal. Please could you kindly email rachel@crforum.co.uk to confirm your attendance with any special dietaries by Wednesday 24th April.