The Future Opportunity

25 January 2007

The Visionarium, 7 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4BD

We started our annual programme of events with an in depth look at the use of 'future research', the prediction of opportunities and risks that will impact the organisational model.
Drawing on a CRF member pulse survey on the subject, this workshop provided participants with tools & techniques to assess 'future research', address resultant people related-decisions and help shape operational strategy.

Recognising the constant challenge both to deliver in the ‘here and now' and to anticipate future trends, the first event of 2007 took a hard look at future operating environments for business.
Predicting future opportunities and risks that impact on the organisational model is important for HR - to reinforce its value to the business, help to shape strategy and make more effective decisions in resourcing, structure, development and employee engagement. This workshop guided participants in using a future management model and provided other tools and techniques to address critical strategic and people-related decisions. It also featured a pre-event Research Briefing based on a CRF member pulse survey about this subject.