Wednesday 7 October

This year, each class will run twice allowing delegates to attend two; starting at 15.00, each session will last 60 minutes. We highly recommend early registration to secure your preferred classes.

Unlocking Agility Through Purpose and Impact

Current global sustainability challenges require companies to renew, adapt and change quickly. Agile businesses react quickly when challenged and are able to adjust to new ways of doing things. While flexibility is needed for business transformation, purpose instills leadership clarity and material strategic priorities, and impact drives businesses to act. This interactive session will explore in practical way how purpose can unlock agility by guiding the impact you want to see in the world.

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Agile Leadership and Teams

‘Agile’ requires a mindset shift in the way we work. JCA Global, a PSI business, will share how Emotional Intelligence can enable this shift, both in mindset and behaviour. The masterclass will explore how agile ways of working are enabled by both leaders’ and teams’ beliefs. The session will run in an agile way, taking a deep dive to learn how to liberate previously unavailable potential within your organisation. We will explore what ‘agile’ really means and how it can change attitudes and behaviours so that people collaborate more effectively, feel more empowered, and can be more innovative, ultimately creating competitive advantage.

Talking Gaudi and Modernism – The Response to the First Industrial Revolution

This engaging and interactive masterclass will explore how organisations can meet employee and business expectations around workforce in the increasingly turbulent world of Industry 4.0 – whilst facing a shortage of top talent.

Disruptive Thinking for a Disruptive World

Disruption isn’t just tomorrow’s challenge. We need to be able to think disruptively and respond to a rapidly changing business environment, today. This experiential hackathon will introduce attendees to a way of thinking that generates new ideas to challenges at speed. Combined with Lane4’s latest research on the future of leadership, attendees can expect an energetic session that challenges orthodoxies and fixed mindsets by encouraging diversity of thinking, agility, experimentation and shared creativity at pace.

Agility in Action: Building a Thriving Workforce for the Digital Age

73% of our C-Suite respondents said that they expect significant industry disruption in the next three years. Learn about the latest Global Talent Trends research on how to build a thriving and agile workforce. Hear about how real organisations have transformed workforce employment models, performance management, leadership development and flexible working.

Making People Count: From People Analytics to Organisational Planning for Business Impact

If you’re in business today, then disruption is a daily part of your life. Situations change. Goals move. Companies evolve. In this session, discover how to get more from your people data. Know exactly where your workforce is, what it’s doing, at what cost, and shape where it needs to go to sustain a healthy organisation whilst the world changes around you.

Leadership – Raising the Bar

Finding those critical few leaders who can set the course for the future and galvanise an organisation to deliver is the single greatest leadership challenge facing businesses today. Leveraging 70 years of assessment data to look forward, this masterclass homes in on the key leadership differentiators for productivity and agility. Specifically, the session will share how leading organisations identify and develop leaders to drive change and deliver growth, and will explore best practice from the audience.

Wednesday 9 October

IESE Business School Innovation Tour

Departing from Hotel Sofia at 2.30pm, an opportunity to visit the IESE Barcelona campus with an insightful session on ‘Meeting the Needs of a Lifelong Learner’ by Giuseppe Auricchio (Executive Director, IESE Learning and Innovation Unit and IESEOnline), followed by drinks. More Information here.