• CRF events are thought provoking and insightful and the perfect opportunity to network with like-mined professionals– my team enjoy attending and always come away engaged and energised. CRF are streaks ahead of other HR networks and never fail to deliver a high-level programme

      Jeremy Campbell

    • New to CRF in 2015, we have been delighted with our partnership with CRF at all levels of the organisation. From its extremely responsive and professional staff, to its first-class programme and thought leadership content, we have found CRF to be a very good fit with our culture and a great complement to our focus on getting leaders ready for what’s next.

      Mimi Armstrong

    • We have been partnering with CRF for many years now in a positive, mututally beneficial relationship encompassing academic input, Virtual Ashridge provision and conference sponsorship. We have been delighted with the quality of programmes and research, and also with the quality of the attendees and member organisations of CRF.

      Kai Peters

    • “Harvard Business Review has a longstanding partnership with CRF and it is a relationship from which we derive tremendous value. CRF are one of the most thoughtful HR networks in the region and they - and their members - are not afraid to tackle the difficult concepts and thorny issues facing business today.”

      Elizabeth Baldwin

    • “Beyond our own clients, CRF is our “go to” organisation when we want to connect with the wider HR and talent community. The people we meet at CRF events are knowledgeable and influential, and we are able to have valuable discussion on the current and future challenges of this industry. CRF's research is excellent and significantly helps extend the thinking of the industry. The events are fun, professionally run and great networking opportunities."

      Simon Mitchell

Become a CRF Partner

If you are interested in becoming a CRF partner and learning more about the benefits this would offer your organisation please contact Richard Hargreaves, Commercial Director.

Richard Hargreaves

Commercial Director