This month GoodPractice are inspiring you to dust off the cobwebs and upgrade your skills. Plus, they share frightfully good advice on how to create a learning culture that won’t leave you with a skeleton crew.

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  • ALEXANDER MANN SOLUTIONS – Digital Transformation in Talent Acquisition: Special Report

    To compete for talent across industries and to meet candidates’ expectations, companies need to embrace digital technology to solve the challenges of today, and to build the infrastructure necessary to adapt quickly to the pressures of tomorrow. Our latest research is designed to help organizations develop a winning strategy now.

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  • HireRight – 2019 EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report

    HireRight’s annual global Employment Screening Benchmark Survey asks HR, Risk and Talent Acquisition professionals about their challenges, activities, and background screening practices. This Report covers the responses from those within the EMEA region, and can be used to help organisations benchmark their HR behaviours and background screening programmes against other companies in the region.

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  • OrgVue by Concentra – Infographic: Connect People to Profit – The Economic Benefits of Workforce Planning

    Productivity growth is vital for organizations to stay competitive. Yet most greatly under-invest in a ‘spray and pray’ approach to productivity initiatives. This infographic summarizes the findings from the CEBR study into how workforce planning improves performance.

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  • GoodPractice – Difficult Conversations – Free Bundle

    Never worry about a difficult conversation again! GoodPractice have developed the ultimate free pack featuring six key resources that will equip you with everything you need to pluck up the courage to have those difficult conversations with ease.

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  • Peakon – The XX Factor: The Strategic Benefits of Women in Leadership

    It’s 2019, and the call for more women in leadership roles has risen to a roar. Although the number of women leaders has grown steadily since the 1960s, the percentage is still shamefully low—just 5% of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, for example, are female. That said, many companies are actively looking for more ways to create a diverse and gender fair workplace. Read Peakon's full article here.

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  • Peakon – The 9-Month Warning: Identifying Quitters before It’s Too Late

    How can you identify a quitter before they quit? Generally, falling engagement equals 9 months before an employee hands in their notice. What steps can you take to anticipate this? Find out in Peakon's article.

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  • Peakon – Working Better Together

    Peakon explore how to manage a multigenerational workforce with different needs, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of working. How can we understand the experiences and needs of a multigenerational workforce?

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  • Alexander Mann Solutions – DACH Region Talent White Paper

    Talent Sourcing at the heart of Europe: Challenges and Opportunities in Germany and the wider DACH region.

    Germany is, without doubt, the most successful economy on the European continent and also looks set to continue holding its status as one of the most significant economic players on the world stage. And this level of success is, of course, largely based upon the quality of talent at all levels employed by organisations operating within the country.

    However, any company looking to boost its presence in this buoyant environment faces both challenges and opportunities when it comes to the sourcing of high quality talent.

    In this white paper we will look at the elements that make the German talent marketplace one of the most exciting, as well at times, one of the most difficult in Europe.

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  • Alexander Mann Solutions – Bits Don’t Byte

    HR must learn to leverage AI technology…or face being left behind by those that master it.

    There is no doubt that AI will become a mainstream HR tool for companies of all sizes and industries, including yours, just like the technological advances that came before it.
    Alexander Mann Solutions, one of the world’s leading providers of talent acquisition and management services, and SharedXpertise, publisher of HRO Today, have released the new study Bits Don't Byte: HR Finds Artificial Intelligence a Positive Evolution.

    Over the last quarter century, advances in technology have dramatically impacted business—and talent acquisition has not escaped that transformation. Next up: recruiters must learn to leverage AI technology… or face being left behind by those that master it.

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