• Alexander Mann Solutions – Bits Don’t Byte

    HR must learn to leverage AI technology…or face being left behind by those that master it.

    There is no doubt that AI will become a mainstream HR tool for companies of all sizes and industries, including yours, just like the technological advances that came before it.
    Alexander Mann Solutions, one of the world’s leading providers of talent acquisition and management services, and SharedXpertise, publisher of HRO Today, have released the new study Bits Don't Byte: HR Finds Artificial Intelligence a Positive Evolution.

    Over the last quarter century, advances in technology have dramatically impacted business—and talent acquisition has not escaped that transformation. Next up: recruiters must learn to leverage AI technology… or face being left behind by those that master it.

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  • Alexander Mann Solutions – Global Shared Service Centre Locations White Paper

    How has the shared services field evolved globally, where are the international leaders today, and what does the future hold for this industry?

    This paper provides a summary of the key results of top cities for shared services operations globally. It includes a detailed comparative analysis of mature and emerging cities for shared service centres, as well as a further impact analysis focused on technology as a disruptor.

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  • Alexander Mann Solutions – Employee Value Proposition Global White Paper 2019

    What do organisations, the ones that are constantly gracing the ‘World’s best employers list’ do differently? How do they always ensure that they have a strong pool of candidates lining up to work with them? What’s their secret?

    In this whitepaper, we seek to answer those questions from the first-person perspective of a key thought leader in this arena. Our content looks to debunk the myth that client and prospect organisations need to ‘create’ an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and discuss ways to build a strong brand, whatever the budget.

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  • SD Worx Annual Report 2018

    We are proud to present the SD Worx 2018 Annual Report ‘For Life. For Work.’ It’s about how we aim to contribute to the success of our clients and their employees, and how we leverage the trends and evolutions we see in the world of work.

    At www.sdworxannualreport.com/2018 you will find, alongside our annual results, examples of how we handled these trends in 2018, and information about our plans for the years to come. Enjoy the read!

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  • Good Practice L&D lowdown – July 2019

    As it’s Wimbledon season, we’re serving up the best L&D related research, news and stories to maximise your motivation, realise your potential and smash your goals. So, enjoy some seasonal strawberries, top up your summer cocktail of choice and get inspired!

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  • Mercer Global Talent Trends 2019

    Mercer’s annual study gathers the views of over 7,300 business executives, HR leaders, and employees from around the world. In 2019, a staggering 73% of companies expect significant disruption, and 99% are taking action to prepare for the Future of Work.

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  • Mercer – Performance Management: Four Truths and Predictions

    The findings of Mercer’s new Global Performance Management Survey suggest there is vast room for improvement in using employee performance management to drive business performance. From the responses of 1,154 HR leaders, the survey reveals only 2% of companies believe their existing performance management system delivers exceptional value, nearly unchanged from five years ago.

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  • Mercer – Leadership in Disruption: With disruptive forces on the horizon: Are your leaders ready?

    Maria, a general manager at a global pharmaceutical firm, came home after an intense day at work. She must have responded to more than 200 emails, in addition to managing internal discussions about the new business strategy and how employee engagement scores were improving. And yet, the CFO said her business unit was still not meeting its targets.

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  • L&D Lowdown, June 2019 – GoodPractice

    Every month, GoodPractice's expert editorial team curate the content that matters from across the world of L&D. Stay informed and up-to-date with their pick of the best L&D news, research and practical resources. Read the June 2019 edition here.

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  • The 5 Leadership Mindsets for Future Success – Lane4

    A new context for businesses is emerging which requires leaders to think differently if they want their organisations to succeed in the future. Through interviews with 17 award-winning leaders, Lane4’s latest research identified five paradoxical mindsets that will enable leaders to navigate an uncertain future with nuance and confidence.

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