• Evidence Based Practice for HR and L&D- GoodPractice

    We all make decisions based on evidence, whether hard data or personal experience. But are we really interpreting that evidence correctly, or are we basing decisions on hunch and opinion?

    In HR and L&D, proponents of evidence-based practice (EBP) encourage us to gather the best available evidence from multiple sources and to weight it appropriately. On this GoodPractice Podcast, EBP-enthusiast Mark Hendy joins Owen Ferguson and Ross Garner to share his experience with EBP, as well as tips to get you started.

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  • Google It: The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers- GoodPractice

    This report is the latest step in GoodPractice's ongoing programme of manager-focused research. Building on the findings of their previous report The Secret Learning Life of UK Managers, this new study takes a closer look at the secret, online lives of managers in the UK.

    Published in conjunction with ComRes, and based on data gathered from 504 UK managers, this fascinating report investigates the specific role the internet and social media networks play in the lives of today's managers. It provides detailed insight into managers' online preferences and habits.

    This report presents the results of GoodPractice's survey, plus in-depth analysis and four key takeaways for L&D about what the key findings mean for the profession.

    It considers, how the internet and both internal and external social media networks influence and contribute to the overall mix of learning activities that managers undertake and the extent to which managers rely on the internet, content-focused websites and social media networks to get help with the day-to-day challenges they face at work.

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  • Why the 70:20:10 model isn’t enough to build a learning organisation – Lane4

    As the business landscape continues to change, companies need to become “learning organisations” that can rapidly adapt and take on new skills. To help build this capacity, many organisations have adopted the “70:20:10 rule” to help shape learning – but this isn’t enough. Listen to Lane4's on demand webinar where Dr. Alison Maitland, Head of Product, and Amy Aggleton, Product Development Lead, discuss:
    • The origins, advantages, and shortcomings of the 70:20:10 model
    • How leaders learn best
    • Practical tips on how to create sustainable learning and build a learning organisation

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  • Emotional Intelligence in the HR Sector – JCA Global

    This paper analyses data on individuals working in the Human Resources (HR) sector who completed the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP), an online self-report questionnaire, from 2007-15.

    The results show the HR sector to be somewhat higher in Emotional Intelligence (EI) than most other job sectors; in particular they score strongly on interpersonal aspects of EI such as valuing others, empathy, and connecting with others. However, alongside this strength is a tendency for this sector to be more submissive or benevolent, have lower self-confidence, be less assertive and over-trusting.

    The paper also goes into further analysis of the differences in EI by age, gender and job level within the HR sector, as well as explaining how EI has changed in the HR sector over the last decade and if organisations are making the best use of Emotional Intelligence.

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  • A decade of Emotional Intelligence – JCA Global

    This paper examines the trends and implications of data from 12,417 working individuals who have completed the EIP (Emotional Intelligence Profile) between 2001 and 2010.

    Are leaders more emotionally intelligent?

    • What distinguishes senior leaders (Directors and Senior Managers) from other job levels is their self-belief, in particular their Emotional Resilience, Goal Directedness, Personal Power, Positive Outlook and their capacity to manage conflict and act independently when required.
    • Overall, higher level job-holders (across six job levels) score higher on nearly all aspects of EI.

    Please click the button below to access the report.

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  • 2017 EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report- HireRight

    From Brexit, to candidate experience, to time to hire, there are many challenges for HR teams in background screening. HireRight’s 2017 EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report delves into the key issues keeping HR teams awake at night, providing you with industry information to match yourself against.

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  • Are you ready for mandatory gender pay gap reporting?- KPMG

    New gender pay gap reporting is more than a compliance procedure. It will affect how existing employees, potential recruits and even your customers think about your organisation. Read KPMG’s new report to understand how you can take action now to meet the challenge on the front foot.

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  • Brexit: Handling the impact on your workforce – KPMG

    Following the Brexit vote, no group will feel more anxious than the 2.9 million EU nationals living in the UK. With the government not yet stating whether these EU citizens will have the right to remain and work in Britain, what practical steps can employers take today to be prepared?

    Employers can take concrete steps to understand their exposure to Brexit and mitigate its effects over the next two years – even with the picture for EU nationals still unclear.

    This KPMG guide has been created to aid employers, asking questions they should be addressing, and suggesting some possible actions to fortify their workforce for the future. To access the report, please click the link below.

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  • Regulation Ready – Are you FCA Regulation Ready?- HireRight

    Are you ready for when the FCA starts their checks? The Senior Insurance Managers Regime (SIMR) applies to all UK insurance/reinsurance businesses, with particular emphasis on regularly ensuring people in key functions, controlled functions, and senior management are proved to be “fit and proper”.

    From this short report by HireRight, you will find out who the SIMR covers, how it links to Solvency II and how it differs from the financial services regulation. To access the report, please click the button below.

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  • Leaders can be boring- RHR International

    Leaders have long struggled with keeping people focused and engaged during change. This article, from RHR International, details five ways leaders can avoid engagement failure.

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