• 2016 EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report- HireRight

    HireRight’s latest benchmarking report provides you with data gathered from HR professionals across the globe, with this report focussing on responses from EMEA.

    Their answers give insights into current employment screening challenges, best practice in the industry and key focuses for the year ahead.

    To find out more and download your copy of 2016 HireRight EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report today, please click the button below.

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  • Cloud HR: The future belongs to the bold- KPMG

    Many organisations pursuing cloud computing to revolutionise the HR function with data-based decision-making, cost advantages and new value for the bottom line are discovering that HR transformation entails much more than simply plugging into the Cloud.

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  • Redefining the Value of HR- Mercer

    Mercer’s Julia Howes, Thorsten Barth and Andrew Steels will revisit the whole topic of HR Transformation in a live webcast on 1 June, drawing on the results of the just released 2016 Global Talent Trends study and a brand new Global HRIS report.

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  • 2016 Talent Trends: Bridging the Gap Between Employers and Employees- Mercer

    Mercer’s new Global Talent Trends study compares employers’ and employees’ views on a number of key issues. The trends and priorities highlighted in this research are particularly enlightening as we enter the “Era of the individual”: major shifts and discrepancies in employee vs. employer perceptions, new concepts like Individual Value Proposition vs. Employee Value Proposition, Talent eco-systems vs. Talent on the payroll.

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  • Getting Management Right in Private Equity- RHR International

    This article from RHR International examines why so many corporate executives in the private equity sector fail to meet expectations and why companies struggle as a result.

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  • High Resolution Leadership – Research with 18 Findings, DDI

    Based on the data of 15,000 leadership assessment participants you can predict leader success in your own organization and explore the DNA of leadership.

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  • Cracking the code – Revisiting the Executive Pipeline- KPMG

    ‘Revisiting the Executive Pipeline' revisits the myths and realities of female progression in large corporates and tracks progress since KPMG's original ‘Cracking the Code’ research. Read the research in full here.

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  • EU-US Privacy Shield: recorded Webinar and what to expect from the death of Safe Harbor- Bird & Bird

    On demand webinar to analyse the Privacy Shield, announcements and answer a number of questions on how businesses should react.

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  • The future of learning: Making technology sweat – Lane4

    The integration of technology into large-scale learning and development programmes is inevitable and, as a business case, a no-brainer. However, simply making a programme more digital is by no means a guaranteed business win. Get it right, and the ROI is substantial. Get it wrong, and it’s money down the drain. This whitepaper includes:
    • Key tips for designing and successfully integrating technology into your learning and development programmes
    • Information on how to use technology to create meaningful shift in terms of thinking, behaviour and ultimately business performance
    • Insight into the balance needed between tech-enabled and face to face learning for development

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  • The English Margin, Education First

    EF Education First’s research report – The English Margin – highlights the impact that English fluency can have on an international business’ bottom line, from supply chain implications to sales revenues. To learn more, please click the link button below.

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