Advanced People Strategies (APS)

With over 15 years experience helping organisations implement people development strategies, we have become established as a trusted partner with our clients. Drawing on world-class psychometric assessments and partnering with highly respected academic leaders, we create and implement solutions built on scientific principles.

Based in the Midlands, we work with clients both across the UK and internationally. Our consultants are highly qualified, experienced and have a business background.

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Duke Corporate Education

Duke CE is the premier global provider of customised leadership solutions. Having an insufficientlevel of “ready” talent to lead faster, more agile organisations is one of the most significant strategic and operational risks. Duke CE customise solutions that enable leaders at all levels toadapt and move the organisation forward. With programmes delivered in 75 countries, their global clients enable them to bring unique insight to new situations. Duke CE believe leaders are the levers for winning in today’s unpredictable world. Duke CE get leaders ready for what’s next.

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Improving the performance of your people isn’t just good for business – it’s essential. GoodPractice can help you make that improvement.

Over the last 17 years, GoodPractice has earned an enviable reputation for delivering awardwinning learning tools and resources, designed to improve employee performance.

Over one million people in more than 300 different organisations around the world use GoodPractice’s online toolkits, e-learning and development assessments to make the most of their skills and talents.

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HireRight is the leading global provider of employee background screening services offering over 150 localised screening products. Its services help organisations mitigate employee risk and make informed, compliant hiring decisions.

HireRight’s online background screening services incorporate the latest technologies to help organisations hire qualified candidates efficiently, effectively and with confidence. This, combined with exceptional customer focus, delivers an outstanding screening experience for both candidates and HR users.

HireRight’s services range from a straightforward employment history verification, to a deeper background review for executive roles.

One-third of the FTSE 100 and 25% of the Fortune 1000 use HireRight.

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KPMG People Powered Performance

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax, and Advisory services. It operates in 155 countries and has 162,000 professionals working in member firms around the world.

Getting the most from your people is fundamental to future success, yet an increasingly changing workforce makes it ever more difficult to understand where to drive value. KPMG in the UK can help you understand current issues and future trends in the world of work and the opportunities of digital transformation. We can work with you to unlock insights in your organisation, identify both the issues and potential improvements and evidence the impact through data and analytics.

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RHR International

RHR International is a firm of management psychologists and consultants who work closely with top management to accelerate individual, team, and business performance. It focuses on five key areas of client need: Executive Assessment, Executive Development, Leading Transformational Change, Senior Team Effectiveness and Board & CEO Services. RHR International has been proven a difference-maker for more than 70 years, unique in its combination of top management focus, psychologists’ perspective, and high-level business acumen.

RHR International has a global presence in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, please visit the RHR website.

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JCA Global

JCA Global is a world renowned international people development business, delivering sustainable advantage to organisations by significantly improving performance, engagement and well-being. As experienced business psychologists, we fully understand the reasons why organisations, teams and individuals behave as they do. Our solutions work at a deeper level of attitude, feeling and motivation, delivering transformational change and practical benefits in the workplace.

JCA Global lead the way in developing Emotional Intelligence in Business through the unique combination of state-of-the-art psychometrics and impactful consultancy. We provide development solutions to cultivate the Emotional Intelligence of clients, helping them perform to their full potential.

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Experts in people performance.

Co-founded in 1995 by Olympic Gold Medallist swimmer Adrian Moorhouse, Lane4 isn’t an ordinary organisation. We expect extraordinary things and we help people to deliver exceptional results. We understand how to apply the psychology of performance like nobody else. Our purpose to build winning organisations and improve people’s working lives keeps us motivated every day.
And, although we’re relentless in our pursuit of excellence, we believe that talent is everywhere and that, with the right mindset and tools, anybody can achieve exceptional performance.

Our culture embraces diverse opinion and constant curiosity. Whether it’s with our clients or colleagues across the world, it’s our rigorous insight, skilled team and humble confidence that help people to think, learn and develop.
We care about the science and emotion of performance and work with our clients in three areas of specialism:

People Change & Transformation
Leadership, Team & Talent Development
Management Skills Training

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Richard Hargreaves

Commercial Director