Why the 70:20:10 model isn’t enough to build a learning organisation - Lane4

As the business landscape continues to change, companies need to become “learning organisations” that can rapidly adapt and take on new skills. To help build this capacity, many organisations have adopted the “70:20:10 rule” to help shape learning – but this isn’t enough. Listen to Lane4's on demand webinar where Dr. Alison Maitland, Head of Product, and Amy Aggleton, Product Development Lead, discuss:
• The origins, advantages, and shortcomings of the 70:20:10 model
• How leaders learn best
• Practical tips on how to create sustainable learning and build a learning organisation


The future of learning: Making technology sweat - Lane4

The integration of technology into large-scale learning and development programmes is inevitable and, as a business case, a no-brainer. However, simply making a programme more digital is by no means a guaranteed business win. Get it right, and the ROI is substantial. Get it wrong, and it’s money down the drain. This whitepaper includes:
• Key tips for designing and successfully integrating technology into your learning and development programmes
• Information on how to use technology to create meaningful shift in terms of thinking, behaviour and ultimately business performance
• Insight into the balance needed between tech-enabled and face to face learning for development


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24 July 2017

Research Findings and Recommendations: Learning - The Foundation for Agility and Sustainable Performance

This presentation summarises the key messages and recommendations from CRF's research report - "Learning - The Foundation for Agility and Sustainable Performance". It will provide busy HR professionals with an overview of key messages and findings from the research.

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17 July 2017

What are the recent trends in learning? - Interview with Nigel Paine

Catch-up on missed member events by watching our 3-minute videos. In our July 2017 interview, we speak to Nigel Paine, author of 'The Learning Challenge'.

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5 July 2017

Research Overview: Learning - The Foundation for Agility and Sustainable Performance

These slides highlight some of the research findings from CRF's research on learning and were shown at CRF's masterclass on 4th and 6th July 2017.

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