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20 August 2018

CRF Survey Slide Pack: Designing Adaptable Organisations

Today’s organisations exist in a context of rapid and continuous change, digital disruption, and complexity. The key challenge for organisation designers in this context is to balance the organisation’s core tension between agility and scale. Access this document to learn more about the current pace of change and redesign in organisations.

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Thriving in a Disrupted World - Mercer

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is forever changing the way we work. Technological advances are reshaping value chains, making people and information more accessible, and redefining how work gets done. At the same time, changing workforce demographics and employees’ shifting expectations of the work experience are challenging the traditional model of what it means to “go to work.” How is your company positioned to respond to these trends? Mercer's latest opinion pieces addresses these issues.


Global payroll: the challenge of looking local - SD Worx

Globalisation is a word synonymous with the rise of industry. However, recently we may have heard it thrown around a boardroom alongside the other generic buzzwords, and as such something about it becomes disjointed and bereft of purpose. In reality, globalisation is a powerful force – something that should be cultivated and respected in the corporate world.


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January 14th 2019

Speed Read: Creating an Inclusive Culture

This Speed Read summarises key concepts, ideas and recommendations from CRF's research report on inclusivity and corporate culture. It focuses on key concepts of diversity, the role of managers in building and sustaining inclusive culture, and organisational systems needed to sustain diversity efforts.

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December 3rd 2018

Progress - Issue 6: HR Business Partner - 4 business critical things that you probably aren't doing

Within this sixth edition of our e-magazine - Progress - John Whelan, Director at Corporate Research Forum challenges HR Business Partners to test themselves on four business critical items.

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October 9th 2018

The Future of Jobs, Work and Working

What will future jobs look like, and how can organisations anticipate, source, and deploy the skills and talent they will require to meet tomorrow’s strategic needs? Find out more about the upcoming CRF event on 29th and 30th October where we will explore these themes.

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