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6 February 2019

Case Notes Compendium – Designing Adaptable Organisations for Tomorrow's Challenges

Well-executed organisation design strategy can provide a competitive advantage to any business, especially in the current fast-moving business environment. How are other businesses responding to the challenges of organisation design in the face of the digital economy and challenges associated with it? Find out from this compendium of case studies.

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Thriving in a Disrupted World - Mercer

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is forever changing the way we work. Technological advances are reshaping value chains, making people and information more accessible, and redefining how work gets done. At the same time, changing workforce demographics and employees’ shifting expectations of the work experience are challenging the traditional model of what it means to “go to work.” How is your company positioned to respond to these trends? Mercer's latest opinion pieces addresses these issues.


Global payroll: the challenge of looking local - SD Worx

Globalisation is a word synonymous with the rise of industry. However, recently we may have heard it thrown around a boardroom alongside the other generic buzzwords, and as such something about it becomes disjointed and bereft of purpose. In reality, globalisation is a powerful force – something that should be cultivated and respected in the corporate world.


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June 28th 2019

CRFCast - HR Insights from the Corporate Research Forum: Digital Culture: How Technology is Changing the Way we Communicate, Work & Behave with Rahaf Harfoush

Technology is fundamentally changing how we connect with each other, leading to new behaviours, belief systems and social norms. However, the ethical and moral standards that determine how to behave are not keeping pace. In conversation with Digital Anthropologist Rahaf Harfoush, we discuss what the evolving digital culture means for relationships at work and beyond, how organisations need to adapt to an age of information overload, and the implications for HR.

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June 26th 2019

CRFCast - HR Insights from the Corporate Research Forum: Leading Transformation with Kyle Nel

Discussing Kyle’s book, Leading Transformation: How to Take Charge of Your Company’s Future, we discuss why so so few organisation transformation efforts are successful, and how we can increase the odds of achieving desired results. We explore some novel methods for stimulating and sustaining behaviour change, for example using brain scanners to measure customer reactions, or telling the story of the anticipated future state through science fiction.

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June 20th 2019

HR Leaders' Discussion Paper - No Mere Tinkering with Innovation

This discussion paper accompanies our event, HR Leader's Disucssion Forum - Innovation: Thriving in a World Where Everything Can be Copied, with Howard Yu and Jialu Shan. This paper covers the innovation topics that will be discussed, including how successful companies prepare, how to embrace disruptors and how to manage commitments.

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