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Masters or Servants? What Role Will Robots Play in the Workforce of the Future? - SD Worx

Technological capability continues to increase, fuelled by growth in flexible cloud resources, and the development of new computing architectures that can be easily tailored to specific applications. But how will this ever-advancing capability impact on the world of work and the HR function, in particular?


How countries measure up and create human workplaces - IBM

Employee experience can be a positive, powerful, and ultimately human experience, in which employees are able to invest more of their whole selves into the workplace.1 Recent research (published in The Employee Experience Index: A new global measure of a human workplace and its impact) by the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and Globoforce’s WorkHuman® Research Institute has resulted in the development of a new Employee Experience Index – measuring its five core dimensions: Belonging, Purpose, Achievement, Happiness, Vigor.


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August 20th 2018

Speed Read: Strategic Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics is one of the hottest topics in HR currently. Some experts argue that people analytics offers HR the potential to become much more business-focused and evidence-driven. Access this Speed Read to review the benefits of workforce analytics and its applications.

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August 13th 2018

Case Notes Compendium - Resourcing

Are you interested in different examples of how businesses are responding to the challenges of strategic resourcing in today’s competitive, global, and technology-driven landscape? Then download this compendium to read about different approaches from Cisco, B&Q, McDonald's, Microsoft, and many more!

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July 18th 2018

'Star Performers': Worth the Investment?

A critical business advantage of investing in good resourcing practices is that these practices help businesses to predict tomorrow’s star performers. Why are star performers so valuable to a business?

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