CRF produces a number of practical business and people management tools on relevant topics to our members. Our tools provide a series of templates to help develop processes which will meet the needs of your organisation.

15 January 2016

Effective HR & Employee Engagement

This is a guide to designing and implementing effective initiatives, interventions or projects. It is written with “engagement” in mind, but has general application.

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To complement our content, we are pleased to share the latest thinking from our partner within this practice area.

The new era of HR: digital transformation- SD Worx

With the aim to build a model employee experience, HR departments are compelled to rewrite the rules by revolutionising talent practices. Human resource management is designed to maximise staff performance, and the HR department should be a key component in an organisation’s digital transformation.


Top 3 technology trends set to shake up HR and Payroll - SD Worx

Technology is the wheel that never stops turning. If Moore’s Law is to be believed, the sheer power of processing units will have doubled within two years – and that means plenty of new pieces of tech that could shake up HR and payroll processes. With that in mind, here are three technological trends that could significantly alter your industry.


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March 4th 2019

Speed Read: Harnessing the HR Technology Revolution

HR technology is an expanding and rapidly changing field. The aim of this Speed Read is to navigate through the key questions that need to be considered when selecting and improving your HR technology solutions.

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February 22nd 2019

The Mindset of Breakthrough Collaboration

This presentation from Achieve Breakthrough looks at the power of collaboration in today's modern world and why, in the first place, we should collaborate in 2019. It considers the mindset necessary for successful collaboration and HR's role in shaping a collaborative culture.

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February 12th 2019

The Strategic HR Leader's Essentials: A CRF Toolkit

How can HR, as a function, remain relevant to the business and ensure long-term success? We think the answer lies in building and sustaining a professional function that is commercial and closely aligned with the business strategy. Access this CRF Tollkit to learn about the models and frameworks that will help your HR function in achieve this objective.

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