CRF produces a number of practical business and people management tools on relevant topics to our members. Our tools provide a series of templates to help develop processes which will meet the needs of your organisation.

13 January 2016

Improving New Leader On-Boarding

Good on-boarding significantly reduces the likelihood of new leader under-performance and failure, along with the related tensions and costs. This checklist aims to provide some key points that can improve new leader integration.

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Access to our Expert Advisory Forum is available online to CRF members. This in-house briefing service enables members to seek the views of a range of specialists, in addition to our own team of experienced HR professionals.

To complement our content, we are pleased to share the latest thinking from our partner within this practice area.

Talent Beyond Borders, DDI

The practical guide for organisations wanting to take a global view of talent and talent management processes.


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16 November 2016

Creating a Truly Inclusive Culture - Post Meeting Review Notes

A summary of our recent 'Creating a Truly Inclusive Culture' event lead by Wanda Wallace.

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1 September 2016

CRF Prague: Introducing Our Pre-Conference Masterclasses

We are delighted to supplement our two-day conference with five masterclass sessions led by experts in their respective fields. These sessions will be highly interactive with a strong focus on recommendations, offering attendees practical takeaways to help drive business performance. Starting at 16.30 on Wednesday 12 October, and lasting 90 minutes, we highly recommend you register for one of these masterclasses to ensure you make the most of your time with us in Prague. The masterclasses will be run by the following organisations: OrgVue, Duke CE, IMD, KPMG and Mercer.

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15 August 2016

Inclusive Culture Research Brief and Meeting Notes

CRF's final research project for 2016 will focus on diversity and inclusivity. Over the next two months, CRF will be interviewing organisations and leading thinkers to identify what inclusive cultures look like, and the elements that build and sustain them. This document outlines further information on the research, discussions that shaped it and the outputs planned.

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