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4 February 2019

Case Notes Compendium – Strategic Workforce Analytics

How can the HR function build analytics capability to help deliver the business strategy and improve organisation performance? How are other organisations approaching this and what success are they having with HR analytics in areas of leadership, compensation and benefits, talent management, and recruitment? Find out from this compendium of case studies.

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To complement our content, we are pleased to share the latest thinking from our partner within this practice area.

The Value of Values- APS

You can hire the best, most qualified candidate in the world, but if he or she isn’t a good fit for the job or the company, you’re looking at a flight risk.


The Office Play Book- APS

In business, high-performing teams can achieve superior results compared to individuals. Yet, even teams composed of talented individuals rarely perform to their maximum potential.


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May 9th 2019

Speed Read: Talent on the Move: Time for a Rethink?

With the emergence of Global Talent Management, there has been a growing interest in the effectiveness of the usage of talent globally. What are the current challenges and what are the expected options for moving people in the future?

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May 3rd 2019

Talent on the Move - Feedback Form

This feedback form is for our latest CRF event, Talent on the Move: Time for a Rethink? Please fill it in and return to CRF.

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May 2nd 2019

Talent on the Move: Time for a Rethink? - Workshop

This presentation is from the CRF event, Talent on the Move: Time for a Rethink? Geoff Matthews summarises his definition of talent and the way in which it is being globalised. The growth of global talent management is explored, including possible challenges and how these can be overcome.

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