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13 January 2016

Improving New Leader On-Boarding

Good on-boarding significantly reduces the likelihood of new leader under-performance and failure, along with the related tensions and costs. This checklist aims to provide some key points that can improve new leader integration.

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To complement our content, we are pleased to share the latest thinking from our partner within this practice area.

The Value of Values- APS

You can hire the best, most qualified candidate in the world, but if he or she isn’t a good fit for the job or the company, you’re looking at a flight risk.


The Office Play Book- APS

In business, high-performing teams can achieve superior results compared to individuals. Yet, even teams composed of talented individuals rarely perform to their maximum potential.


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August 13th 2018

Case Notes Compendium - Resourcing

Are you interested in different examples of how businesses are responding to the challenges of strategic resourcing in today’s competitive, global, and technology-driven landscape? Then download this compendium to read about different approaches from Cisco, B&Q, McDonald's, Microsoft, and many more!

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August 10th 2018

What, When, Why, and How? A Quick Guide to Job Analysis

What is job analysis and when should you conduct one? This one-pager will give you a comprehensive overview of job analysis, why use it and how to carry one out with maximum benefits for the organisation and HR.

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August 2nd 2018

CRF Survey Slide Pack: Resourcing - How HR's Core Competence is Evolving

It is critical that HR professionals build a strategic approach to resourcing - a resourcing strategy closely aligned with the business strategy can help drive the business to success in the face of today’s- and tomorrow’s- challenges. This document contains survey results that informed CRF's research report - 'Resourcing - How HR's Core Competence is Evolving' - and can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current recruitment approach.

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