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Downsizing with Care

By Nick Holley 15th September 2020

In the early ‘90s I was involved in a massive downsizing exercise in a recently nationalised utility. It made complete financial sense and if we hadn’t made the tough calls we might not have survived. I am not proud that we did it, but I am proud of how we did it – with a sense of care for those who were leaving, generous financial settlements, and proper outplacement. Luckily we weren’t in such deep trouble so we could afford to do it the right way. I hope in HR we will always look for ways to downsize that let people retain their self-respect.

Investing in HR Careers Through the Crisis

By Nick Holley 26th August 2020

There is a danger in the current environment that we stop investing in the careers of our HR people. Research from the last recession in 2008 by McKinsey showed that successful organisations continued to invest in long term skills whilst taking tough short-term decisions. These so called ‘resilients’ delivered TSR growth 150 points above ‘nonresilients’. Is there a lesson for HR today? We need to make the tough calls to survive but we must continue to invest in what really matters to make HR resilient and ensure we thrive in the future.

Talent Management in a Post-COVID World

By Nick Holley 3rd August 2020

There is a danger that talent management is another HR fad – a solution looking for a problem. It was first mentioned by McKinsey in their ‘War for Talent’ report in 1997. Since then it has been widely adopted by HR, but like so many HR terms there is a danger that it has been undermined by the way it has been implemented. We have seen some great examples but also examples of talent management processes that are:

Time to Rethink Careers for the New World of Work?

By Gillian Pillans 22nd July 2020

For those tasked with designing career frameworks and talent management processes, much of the current talk about careers isn’t terribly helpful.