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Background Screening: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By HireRight 26th September 2019

Each year, the HireRight EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report reveals the latest HR trends, challenges, and screening habits of HR professionals across the EMEA region. In this guest post, HireRight gives a brief summary of the Good, the Bad, and The Ugly from the 2019 report’s findings.

APS: Diversity – Why Leadership Matters in Moving from Talk to Action!

By Rob Field 23rd September 2019

Intuitively we probably all know that diversity is a good thing. It is a current hot topic and most organisations are at least talking about what they currently do and don’t do. According to the Great British Diversity Experiment, diversity can contribute to more creativity and improve job satisfaction, while dramatically increasing the possibility of new connections between experiences, perspectives, and insights that can lead to distinctive, powerful and new creative ideas. Ideas develop via meritocracy, rather than quick buy-in from the dominant cultural voice.

Does Responsible Business Make Business Sense?

By Carmen von Rohr 19th August 2019

There has been renewed interest in the idea of ‘responsible business’ (the responsibility a business voluntarily takes for its social, economic, and environmental impacts) in recent years as businesses re-evaluate their role in fractured, rapidly changing societies.

Social Activism on Responsibility - Is your Company at Risk?

By Carmen von Rohr 5th August 2019

As part of CRF’s research for our upcoming Masterclass on Responsible Business, we asked HR and Corporate Responsibility professionals about their perception of the drivers of responsibility in their organisation.