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Debunking Millenial Myths

By Caolinn Douglas 4th December 2017

Millennials (alternatively called Generation Y) are a demographic cohort over which there is much debate and little agreement. Indeed, there are no agreed dates for when this cohort begins and ends. Researchers variously pinpoint the late ‘70s and ‘80s as starting birth years, and the ‘90s and early ‘00s (Howe & Strauss 2007) as ending birth years, making this cohort all those currently between the ages of 12 and 40. In the opinion of many, this age range is too broad. I’d have to agree.

A Primer on Adult Learning

By Caolinn Douglas 24th November 2017

Confucius once said: “tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” The same principles apply to adult learning. To be effective, adult learning strategies must: make learners aware of how they learn, open up organisation boundaries, create a space for people to engage in reflection and analysis, ensure learning sessions are short and frequent in duration, contain only directly relevant information, and engage different senses and emotions.

Putting a Man on the Moon: The Importance of Organisational Purpose

By Caolinn Douglas 15th November 2017

Businesses with a clear purpose sidestep the common mistake of trying to be the best at everything. Rather, they understand that it is actually better to excel in just one area. An organisation’s purpose frames the foundations for its success, provides it with the grounds for decision-making, sets the tone for the people it serves, and enables the company to continually evolve while staying true to its message.