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Social Activism on Responsibility - Is your Company at Risk?

By Carmen von Rohr 5th August 2019

As part of CRF’s research for our upcoming Masterclass on Responsible Business, we asked HR and Corporate Responsibility professionals about their perception of the drivers of responsibility in their organisation.

HR’s Role in Supporting Responsible Business – The Sustainability Expert’s View

By Carmen von Rohr 22nd July 2019

One of the conclusions of CRF’s upcoming research on Responsible Business is that organisations face a number of challenges on the transformational journey to becoming one. These challenges include gaining leadership buy-in, collaborating effectively across functional boundaries, embedding the responsibility mindset into the organisational culture, and narrowing the gap between good intentions on responsibility and actions undertaken. We find that the HR function is poised to maximise its contribution to the business by supporting colleagues to overcome many of these challenges; however, the HR function’s contribution to Responsible Business appears to be limited, thus far.

The HR Doctor: Hair Shirtysm

By Nick Holley 20th June 2019

The HR Doctor series takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the common misconceptions, misdiagnoses and diseases that commonly afflict the HR function. They reflect our experience of working in and with HR over the last 25 years. Over the weeks ahead, we’d urge you to honestly diagnose yourself: are you showing any of the symptoms? Should you be applying the cure?

John Whelan, Director at CRF, appointed MBE

By Mike Haffenden 10th June 2019

John Whelan, a Director of Corporate Research Forum (CRF), was appointed MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List published on 8th June 2019.