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What is the Future of Resourcing?

By Steve Girdler 3rd August 2018

The resourcing landscape has always been complicated, with even the most experienced HR departments still struggling to pinpoint the perfect hiring process. 2018 is showing no signs of simplifying. The constantly growing set of hiring tools, technologies and techniques available can both help and hinder recruitment efforts. Fierce competition for global talent is putting more pressure on companies to be seen in all of the right places, in order to compete in the market.

The Headhunter’s Perspective - Running an Effective Resourcing Process

By Dan Caro 11th July 2018

In today’s digitally disrupted and globally competitive world, resourcing is rapidly evolving. New technologies, social media, and LinkedIn are radically reshaping companies’ approach to candidate sourcing and are contributing to a broader shift in the recruitment market. Where yesterday it was employer-driven, tomorrow it will be candidate-led. Most employees are now passively seeking job opportunities at all times, and self-employment and entrepreneurialism are on the rise.

The Brexit Trilemma – why has Ireland derailed the process?

By Steven Toft 5th July 2018

The Irish border, it seems, has become just such an issue for Brexit. Barely anyone outside the island of Ireland mentioned it during the referendum campaign.

Productivity: Why does it matter?

By Steven Toft 2nd July 2018

As everybody seems to be talking about productivity, we decided to examine the subject for our latest Performance and Reward Centre (PARC) report – Productivity: puzzle or pandemic?