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The HR Doctor: Initiativitis

By Nick Holley 16th April 2019

The HR Doctor series takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the common misconceptions, misdiagnoses and diseases that commonly afflict the HR function. They reflect our experience of working in and with HR over the last 25 years. Over the weeks ahead, we’d urge you to honestly diagnose yourself: are you showing any of the symptoms? Should you be applying the cure?

What is the Role of a HR Director? Part 2 – Value Creators

By Nick Holley 8th April 2019

In Part One we established that HR’s purpose is not to do HR ‘stuff’ but to build the capability of an organisation to deliver its strategy and to create sustainable value for all its stakeholders. As we talk to HR professionals, we find that an understanding of what we mean by value creation is a real differentiator as it connects you to the nature of any organisation. Organisations are there to create value, whether that is for shareholders, customers, or even society itself. This is true whether you are a quoted, public sector, or charitable organisation. It’s just the definition of value that might differ.

What is the Role of a HR Director? Part 1 - Capability Builders

By Nick Holley 1st April 2019

CRF’s fundamental belief is that HR is not about HR - it’s about the business. We are not HR Business Partners; we are part of the business. HRDs do not represent the HR function on the leadership team. Rather, they are corporate directors whose role is to ensure the business can deliver its strategic vision.

Behind the Screens: EMEA Background Check Trends in 2018

By Steve Girdler 27th March 2019

2018 was a year of fundamental change for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) HR and risk departments, as they faced a barrage of new and emerging challenges. There was the long-awaited GDPR implementation on 25th May 2018, the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit negotiations, the trend towards contingent and flexible working, and of course, technological disruption.