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Remote Working - Friend or Foe?

By Carmen von Rohr 13th June 2018

Remote working refers to work that is done, all or in part, outside of a traditional physical office space. Remote working policies are increasingly important for companies to consider in a fast-changing technological and social landscape. Surging office space costs, employee expectations for greater flexibility, and the increasing normalisation of the practice are all putting remote working on the agenda.

Disrupt or Die

By Nick Holley 9th April 2018

It has become very fashionable to talk about disruption and I am cynical about fads.  Having said that I saw this image, drawn by Richard Watson, which shows the sheer volume of disruptive forces.  The implications for almost any organisation are potentially game changing so what role does HR need to play?

Organisational Design – Time for a Revisit?

By Geoffrey Matthews 3rd April 2018

After so much discussion these last years in the HR community about talent, leadership and technology, is organisational design now benefiting from a long-overdue renaissance of interest?  Last year, Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report highlighted “The Organization of the Future” as their top issue, while Dave Ulrich’s “Victory Through Organization” (2017) argued that organisational capability deserved far more attention given it has four times the impact on business results that talent has.  Faced by key challenges such as growing competition, the speed of digital change, and the need for greater enterprise flexibility, organisational design is therefore becoming more critical than ever before for success.

Corporate Governance: trying to fit a gallon into a pint pot

By Steven Toft 12th March 2018

I’m at that age when friends and colleagues start packing in the corporate life to go and do something else. Many of them tell me they are going to have portfolio careers. With a bit of money behind them but not quite ready to draw their pensions, some consultancy work and the odd non-exec role should fill the gap nicely. The trouble is, while the pay and time commitment might look like something that is easy to fit around the rest of your life, the expectations of non-executive directors are rising.