November 4th 2019

Webinar: CRF’s Organisation Development Manifesto – A Road Map for Progress

The need for business-focused, expert OD capability has arguably never been greater than it is today. To survive and prosper over the long term, organisations must be capable of adapting to ever more rapid market and technological change.

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September 25th 2019

Webinar: Responsible Business: How can HR Drive the Agenda?

Professor David Grayson CBE, Emeritus Professor of Corporate Responsibility at Cranfield School of Management, discussed how sustainability, ethics and other topics related to responsible business have become of significant interest in recent years.

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May 22nd 2019

Webinar: Harnessing the HR Technology Revolution

Explore the opportunities and pitfalls of the new HR technology landscape for organisations, featuring Rami Pukkila from Nokia, Ian Bailie of myHRfuture Academy, Nigel Guenole from Goldsmiths, University of London, and Gillian Pillans, CRF’s Research Director.

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May 2nd 2019

Webinar: Effective Performance Management - Discussing the Latest Practice

Gerry Ledford, Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at USC will be discussing the latest research and practice in Performance Management with Hugh Mitchell, formerly Chief HR and Corporate Officer, Shell International.

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November 20th 2018

Webinar: Navigating the Future of Jobs, Work & Careers

What will future jobs look like, and how can organisations and individuals anticipate, plan, develop and deploy the skills and talent needed to meet tomorrow’s strategic needs? Listen to our on-demand to find out.

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July 10th 2018

Webinar: Data-driven Talent Acquisition: What is the Future of Recruitment?

Are you involved in planning your talent acquisition and resourcing strategies, and looking to improve the overall recruitment and talent strategy? Perhaps, you are interested in exploring current innovations and recruitment trends? Listen to our webinar on resourcing to explore key shifts in recruitment practice and hear some practical advice from our speakers on how to improve the effectiveness of your resourcing strategy, and deliver value to the business.

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February 2nd 2018

Webinar: What Differentiates a Great HR Director?

Would you like to excel not only in your current HR role but also in future? Perhaps, you are looking to deliver a bigger impact in your current role but struggling to achieve a desired effect? For over 25 years CRF have been researching what differentiates great HR functions and great HR people, whilst our sister organisation, Strategic Dimensions, has talked to hundreds of business clients and CEOs and has a deep understanding of what they look for in their HR people. Combining insights from both sides of the business, CRF’s webinar will explored the qualities and commercial capabilities of truly exceptional HRDs that will help aspiring HRDs assess their strong qualities but also focus on developing weaker capabilities.

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November 14th 2017

Webinar: HR Analytics: Does the Reality Live up to the Hype?

Analytics is emerging as the next big trend for the HR function and is seeing a lot of interest. However, is all this hype justified and can HR analytics propel the function forward and add value to the organisation? Listen to CRF's webinar to learn what analytics can really deliver for HR and to learn more about the current trend.

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November 2nd 2017

Webinar: Creating a Truly Inclusive Culture

Having a diverse representation of talent in the organisation isn’t the goal. Instead, when diverse talent feels included, valued and a core part of the team without having to become like the ‘norm’, then organisations see substantive gains in creativity, engagement and productivity. But how can we create an inclusive culture that supports diversity and productivity?

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September 8th 2017

Webinar: HR Business Partnering: Making an Impact

It has been twenty years since Dave Ulrich introduced the concept of the HR Business Partner in his book “HR Champions”. Good HR business partnering is at the core of good HR and is the foundation for many HR transformations and reorganisations. But what makes an effective HR Business Partner?

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