September 7th 2016

Why Most Change Crash-Lands

In this combined presentation, Stephen highlights why most change programmes fail and what organisations can do to avoid crash landings. In the second half of his presentation, Stephen explores how to build a resilient organisation.

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August 20th 2018

CRF Survey Slide Pack: Designing Adaptable Organisations

Today’s organisations exist in a context of rapid and continuous change, digital disruption, and complexity. The key challenge for organisation designers in this context is to balance the organisation’s core tension between agility and scale. Access this document to learn more about the current pace of change and redesign in organisations.

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September 7th 2016

Why do most change projects crash-land?

In this interview with Stephen Carver, we take a look at why most change project fail and what we can do about it. We also touch on the skills HR leaders need to be more effective at managing change.

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September 16th 2016

Post-Meeting Review Notes: Planning and Delivering Successful Change Programmes

Why do majority of change programmes crash-land? Our workshop in London summarised the reasons behind failure and the ways HR professionals and business leaders can ensure success of major change programmes. This document summarises the key take-aways from the seminar.

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August 15th 2016

Inclusive Culture Research Brief and Meeting Notes

CRF's final research project for 2016 will focus on diversity and inclusivity. Over the next two months, CRF will be interviewing organisations and leading thinkers to identify what inclusive cultures look like, and the elements that build and sustain them. This document outlines further information on the research, discussions that shaped it and the outputs planned.

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July 14th 2016

Progress - Issue 4: Good and effective leadership

Within this fourth edition of our e-magazine - Progress – Andy Newall, Group HR Director at Imperial Brands, provides his recommendations on what constitutes effective leadership.

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