November 22nd 2017

Compendium of CRF Research 2017


Within this short document, we present the executive summaries from a selection of our most recent work. While each of these articles explore a different issue, there are a number of good practice principles uniting them, all of which are required for a strong, coherent and effective people strategy.

The 2017 compendium includes research summaries from the following CRF research projects:

Today, organisations are under pressure to foster innovation, efficiency and speed, agility, and commercial acumen. In this regard, HR is failing to perform to the optimum. Poor definition and ambiguous responsibilities sometimes render the HR function unproductive.

CRF research seeks to address these challenges, while maintaining an independent view that leads to measurable improvements in organisational performance. Rethinking Talent Management report, for example, examines the current challenges seen by the HR function in light of global competition, scarce skills and demographic shifts that are putting particular pressure on talent.  It concludes with practical recommendations for improving talent management practices.

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Individual summaries of each CRF research report can be downloaded by clicking the relevant research title in the list above.



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August 9th 2018

Six Critical Stakeholders for Workforce Analytics Success

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June 28th 2018

Speed Read: Resourcing - How HR's Core Competence is Evolving

Finding, developing and retaining the talent needed to execute strategy is a key business priority, and is an area where HR can make a substantial strategic contribution. Access this Speed Read to quickly examine the key areas for resourcing strategy improvement discussed in CRF's research report - Resourcing - How HR's Core Competence is Evolving.

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January 10th 2018

How can workforce analytics capability be improved?

Are you looking to begin your workforce analytics journey? Perhaps, you are looking to improve your organisation's current HR analytics processes? Listen to our interview with Alec Levenson for some tips on both.

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November 10th 2017

Strategic Workforce Analytics - Findings of the CRF Research

This presentation by Gillian Pillans, co-author of the Strategic Workforce Analytics reports, summarises the key findings of the research and outlines recommendations for improving HR analytics efforts in organisations.

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November 3rd 2017

Research Report: Strategic Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics has become a hot topic in organisations over recent years, with significant claims of potential business benefits. And yet only a quarter (27%) of respondents to a recent CRF survey find that their organisation's workforce analytics capability allows them to identify opportunities to make decisions that lead to better business outcomes frequently or consistently. It is evident that while there is demand for HR Analytics in organisations, companies are struggling to implement workforce analytics programmes and drive results through HR Analytics.

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March 18th 2016

Post Meeting Review Notes - Assessing Potential

A summary of our recent Assessing Potential member meeting led by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (UCL, Hogan Assessments) and Gillian Pillans (CRF).

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