February 23rd 2015

Compendium of CRF research – 2015

Within this compendium of CRF research, we present the executive summaries from a selection of some of our research work in 2015. These summaries aim to provide a flavour to the issues we explore, the rigour of our work and the focus on practical recommendations in our studies.

The topics covered in this 2015 edition of our compendium of CRF research include:
• Employee Health and Wellbeing – whose responsibility is it?
• Coaching – Business Essential or Management Fad?
• Trust
• Emerging Approaches to Organisation Design
• Planning for Succession in Changing Times
• Developing an Effective HR Strategy

These executive summaries contain an outline of the main points, key concepts and recommendations on each subject. If you are interested in discussing membership to CRF or receiving a full copy of one of the reports in this compendium of CRF research, please contact Richard Hargreaves on richard@crforum.co.uk.

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This resource is available to CRF members only. To access, please log in with your username and password. If you are not a member of the CRF network and are interested in membership please contact Richard Hargreaves, Commercial Director, on +44 (0) 20 3457 2640 or at richard@crforum.co.uk.

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November 5th 2019

Post Meeting Notes: CRF's Organisation Development Manifesto - A Road Map for Progress

CRF members gathered at Glaziers Hall on 5th November 2019 to discuss organisation development (OD) in today’s business context. Attendees explored the skills and tools necessary for effective OD practice, and discussed how OD practitioners can effectively deploy these tools to help their organisation achieve strategic goals.

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October 13th 2016

The Generative Machine Age: Technological Uncertainty by Design

Since 2009, Apple and Google have procured millions of smartphone and tablet apps and the smartphones increasingly a hub for personal networks and, indeed, health monitors strapped to our arms. Additionally in the coming year virtual reality will step out of the shadows and into the mainstream. We have entered the Generative Machine Age. In his first talk at CRF's 8th International Conference, Carsten Sørensen takes us through the three machine ages and the technologies that emerged during those times, as well as what it means for our future.

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September 1st 2015

Compendium of CRF research - 2016

Within this short compendium of CRF research, we present the executive summaries from a selection of some of our most recent work. While each of these articles explore a different issue, there are a number of good practice principles uniting them, all of which are required for a strong, coherent and effective people strategy.

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March 29th 2013

Use of Self to Effect Change - a Growth Point for Change Leaders: Mee-Yan Judge

In this presentation Mee-Yan Judge examines complex change, issues we can face while going through a change process.

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July 14th 2014

Progress - Issue 2: Repressed Narcissism and The Values of High-performing Teams

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July 17th 2014

Progress - Issue 2: The Pleasures of Work

Within this second edition of our e-magazine - Progress - philosopher and best-selling author Alain de Botton discusses the pleasures and sorrows of work.

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