December 15th 2010

Highlights of CRF Diversity Member Survey

This article provides a summary of the Survey conducted by CRF on Diversity within our member organisations. The results of the Survey were incorporated into the research report 'Diversity & Business Performance' published in February 2011.

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May 2nd 2019

Webinar: Effective Performance Management - Discussing the Latest Practice

Gerry Ledford, Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at USC will be discussing the latest research and practice in Performance Management with Hugh Mitchell, formerly Chief HR and Corporate Officer, Shell International.

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February 22nd 2019

The Mindset of Breakthrough Collaboration

This presentation from Achieve Breakthrough looks at the power of collaboration in today's modern world and why, in the first place, we should collaborate in 2019. It considers the mindset necessary for successful collaboration and HR's role in shaping a collaborative culture.

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December 3rd 2018

Progress - Issue 6: What makes an effective, high-performing team?

Within this sixth edition of our e-magazine - Progress - Ina Toegel, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at IMD Business School explores the seven common characteristics of high-performing teams.

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October 8th 2018

Conference Retrospective: Building and Sustaining High Performance Teams

If you have missed our 10th International Conference in Lisbon, this is your definitive guide to CRF Lisbon proceedings and key take-away messages.

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February 22nd 2011

Diversity and the Role of Gender – interview with Wanda Wallace

CRF interviews President and CEO of Leadership Forum, Inc, Wanda Wallace, on the topic of diversity and why gender plays such a big role.

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January 31st 2011

Diversity and Business Performance

This report puts forward the current diversity situation in organisations with specific references to gender, and evaluates its effects on business performance.

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